Power vs Force Coaching

Power vs Force Coaching

Your Goalie Partner is Your Teammate, Not Your Opponent!

The players on a hockey team, including the goalie, are all like puzzle pieces.

As a young hockey goalie, you might think that the competition for the starting spot between you and
your partner is a battle. After all, only one goalie can be on the ice during the game, right?  Deeper
exploration of the idea of team relationships, however, shows another perspective.

1. Knowing How the Team Works

The players on a hockey team, including the goalie, are all like puzzle pieces. To finish the picture, each
piece is necessary, and goalies are no different, even though they play the same role.

An unhealthy atmosphere is created when you see your goalie partner as a rival. A negative attitude like
that can lead to anger, stress, and jealousy. On the other hand, viewing your partner as a teammate
promotes mutual respect, support, and a shared commitment to the team’s success.

2. Progress Through Teamwork

Consider a practice session where you and your goalie partner share tips and comments instead of
trying to beat each other. This teamwork helps both of you learn faster. Together, you can improve
your skills and the team’s general defensive strength by talking about angles, tactics, and techniques.

3. Support During Tough Times

Every athlete faces challenges. There might be days when you’re not at your best or when you let in a
goal that you think you should have saved. During these times, having a supportive partner can make a
world of difference. A helpful goalie partner won’t take pleasure in your mistakes; instead, they’ll offer
words of encouragement, talk about their own experiences, and give you advice on how to rebound.

4. Fostering a Positive Team Environment

Teams with players who support one another create an environment of positivity. A culture of greatness
happens when everyone is pushing each other to do their best. Everyone, including the coaches,
witness this interaction. One or two goalies helping each other sets an example for the rest of the team,
which builds unity and friendship.

After All That

Your journey as a young hockey goalie will be filled with highs and lows, but one thing remains clear:
your goalie partner is an ally in your growth and development. Develop a helpful attitude, talk about
your experiences, and help each other. By doing so, you’ll not only boost your own performance but
elevate the entire team’s spirit and success.

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