Carter Hart

COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist Walter Aguilar Contributes to Carter Hart's Successful Bounce Back Hockey Season with the Philadelphia Flyers

Surrey, BC, Canada – Renowned COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist, Walter Aguilar, has been working closely with Philadelphia Flyers’ goaltender Carter Hart throughout the past
hockey season. This partnership has played a significant role in Hart’s exceptional performance on the ice, helping him maintain a strong mental game and consistent focus.

Carter Hart has been a standout player for the Philadelphia Flyers, with his impressive saves and unwavering determination. His collaboration with Walter has provided him with the tools and techniques needed to enhance his mental performance, overcome challenges, and consistently perform at his highest potential.

Throughout the season, Walter has implemented various mental performance strategies, such as developing a success blueprint, consistent and effective preparation, visualization, and anxiety management, that have allowed Hart to build mental resilience and maintain composure under pressure.

“Walter has been instrumental in helping me develop my mental game,” said Hart. “His guidance and support have made a significant impact on my performance and have enabled me to remain focused and confident on the ice.”

With a strong track record of success in the field of mental performance coaching, Walter has demonstrated an ability to help elite athletes reach their full potential. His work with Carter Hart this season has not only positively impacted his individual performance but contributed positively to his team.

For more information on Walter Aguilar and his mental performance coaching services,, or 778-558-8044.

About Walter Aguilar: Walter is a certified COR.E Performance, Transition, and Leadership Dynamics Specialist with extensive experience working with athletes in various sports. His
unique approach to mental performance coaching emphasizes the importance of energy management, mental skills, focus, and resilience in achieving success on and off the ice. Walter Aguilar has been certified from IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) out of New Jersey, NY.