‘No one succeeds in isolation but rather in collaboration’

Starting from Feb. 14, 2022, to March 3, 2022 Walter Aguilar (me), Kurt Bruckman and Joe Zdeb had the privilege and honour to work with the New Jersey Titans hockey club. In our collaboration, we did group meetings, assessments and 1-1 coaching with players and coaches. The group meetings were held in their dressing rooms with Kurt and Joe being present there in New Jersey. I came in via zoom on the big screen. For the first three weeks we were having 3 group coaching three times a week.

Each meeting began with the high energy that Kurt brought along with inspirational stories. He was a master at raising the energy and getting the team to focus on they energy they were carrying. Kurt was in his element motivating the team, like only he can. Joe brought some of his experience and introduced a guided meditation to the team as well as some other exercises team building exercises.

I would then introduce some of the COR.E material via my zoom presentations and handouts. It was a lot information in a such a short period of time. I felt very fortunate to have Kurt and Joe in the dressing room as they did an incredible job of connecting and working with the players one to one, face to face.

During that time frame, we also had the opportunity to work 1-1 with some of the players. The players who engaged were grateful for the coaching and it helped them with their confidence and on ice performances. I had the opportunity to work with the two goalies and Craig Doremus, Coach, and GM of the Titans.

We also, had the opportunity to do a webinar with for the parents, “Success Posse or Performance Detractors?”, were Michelle Wolf, Dustin Wolf’s mom, was a guest and discussed the importance of being on your son’s success posse and not being a distraction to them. It was well attended.

During the playoffs some of parents chose to have us continue doing 1-1 coaching with their son’s. It was quite the playoffs. Kurt did an incredible some with the players he coached and the testimonials on this page reflect his positive influence on them.

In addition, coach Craig Doremus’, openness, belief, and support of the COR.E Performance approach enabled him to be the coach and leader the team needed him to be, to complete this resilient and magical ride to the Cup. He even allowed me and Kurt, via zoom, to address, inspire and motivate the team, the evening before the final four weekend of hockey was to begin.

I feel fortunate to have played a small part in their eventual success, as a member of their success posse and wish everyone involved, including Kurt and Joe, nothing but success in all their future endeavors.

Craig Doremus NJ Titans Coach and GM

Ben Charrette - Goaltender - NJ Titans:

Andrew Takacs - Goaltender -NJ Titans


The North American Hockey League (NAHL) has announced its All-Division teams and honors for the 2021-22 season, and the New Jersey Titans were big winners within the East Division.

Willey’s goal 1:15 into 3rd OT gives Titans 3 – 2 victory to win series and advance to Robertson Cup final four

The North American Hockey League (NAHL) has announced its All-Division teams and honors for the 2021-22 season, and the New Jersey Titans were big winners within the East Division.


COR.E was great, they taught us how to stay in the present and not worry the outside things going on
that we can’t control. They brought together as a team more than I’d ever thought possible. Thank you
to COR.E for everything they provided to us/showed us. It truly helped.

-Tyler Sanborn

They brought us together a team more than I’d ever thought possible. – Tyler Sanborn

Earlier on in the season I was struggling with mental toughness and running into a lot of problems,
COR.E came into action and one on one talks really helped me realize that I was just overthinking and
led to finishing the season very strong. So once again, you for everything you guys did!!

-Nick Ring

…really helped me realize I was just overthinking and led me to finish the season very strong. – Nick Ring

COR.E performance has helped train my mind a lot mentally, especially in preparation for games. I have
really found a lot about myself and what type of player I am and how I feed off of energy. COR.E
performance helped me focus on the things I can control and really helped me mentally throughout the
last half of the year. I would recommend to anyone that is in sports as a tool to develop your mental

-Anthony Mollica

..really helped me focus on things I can control…really helped me mentally throughout the last half of the year. -Anthony Mollica