The Flight of the Raven

The Shift from Fear 2 Courage 2 Brave

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Learning to Stand Brave in an Uncertain World!

8 week Online Course

7am PST /10am EST

While many people believe that achieving and accumulating is the basis for success and happiness in their lives. Perhaps, it’s more about learning how to effectively deal with the potential of loss or actual losses that have the most influence on how we experience our lives. The shift from fear to courage and ultimately to being brave, are the most important shifts we can make. How we learn to perceive the losses, cultivate meaningful relationships, and create compassionate connections are the keys to healing and growth. We will then lead ourselves and others to thrive in productive and joy filled lives.

Led by Walter Aguilar, an effective potentializer and certified performance, transition and leadership coach. You will be guided through a process that will support you to face any past, present and future losses in a more meaningful and effective manner. His personal journey through the loss of his son and profound lessons learn will be a great inspiration and hope for those who will attend.

Even, if you have felt stuck for years, or have been entrained by fear about the future, or perhaps going through a significant loss currently, without an effective success posse, this is an opportunity for you to get clarity and step into your bravest version of yourself.

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