Power vs Force Coaching

Power vs Force Coaching

Performance Dynamics and the History of COR.E in Hockey

The training methods of hockey, a high-pressure and physically demanding sport, have undergone a major transformation.

Mental performance training is more than just boosting hockey performance. It’s also about giving players the tools to deal with pressure, adversity and remain focused in any situation. – Anonymous

The importance of mental toughness in sports has become increasingly apparent. The training methods of hockey, a high-pressure and physically demanding sport, have undergone a major transformation. The introduction of mental training for performance, which recognized the importance of psychology to enhance an athlete’s play, was a key turning point. The COR.E Performance Dynamics Program, an integrated coaching approach aimed at optimizing performances, is a revolutionary development in this field.

Early Stages
In the early stages of hockey training, it was primarily physical. As the sport developed and became more competitive the need for mental strength became apparent. Sport psychology was born in the mid-20th century, initially skeptic but slowly gaining acceptance. Slowly, mental performance training began to be integrated into hockey training.

The Turning Point
In the 1980s, and 1990s, mental performance training for hockey was revolutionized. In this period, sport psychology research was on the rise, which led to mental preparation concepts like visualization, goal-setting, and self talk. In the 1990s, many NHL teams employed sports psychologists and mental performance consultants to help them improve their mental strength.

COR.E Performance Dynamics: The New Performance Dynamics
Mental performance training has become a standard for hockey training across all levels with the dawning of the 21st Century. COR.E Performance Dynamics was an innovative and holistic coaching technique that emerged in this period.

The COR.E Performance Dynamics Program, designed by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, is an innovative program that maximizes performance through a combination of enhancing focus and creating high energy levels. It also allows players to fully access their potential. The program integrates sports psychology, leadership principles and energy psychology to transform how athletes prepare and respond to their sport.

The program is designed to identify the factors that influence an individual’s performance and provide strategies for managing them. These influencers can range from managing stress during important games to handling personal pressures off- ice. COR.E Performance Dynamics equips athletes with tools to overcome these challenges and improve performance.

Modern Mental Performance Training
In recent years, the mental performance training industry has adopted technology and innovative methods such as neurofeedback and virtual reality. These technologies, when combined with COR.E Performance Dynamics offer a comprehensive approach to mental training that offers real-time feedback.

Impact on the Game
Hockey has been revolutionized by the integration of mental performance programs and COR.E Performance Dynamics. These methods have improved hockey performance and given athletes the skills to deal with pressure and adversity. It has created a culture of acceptance for mental health issues in sports.

The history of mental training in hockey and the role played by COR.E Performance Dynamics is testament to the increasing recognition of mental strength within sports. The future of mental training in hockey is promising as research and understanding continue to advance.

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