Power vs Force Coaching

Power vs Force Coaching

Love Planted In Us

We are the imaginative story tellers.

We are the imaginative story tellers. We are also the captive audience, hanging on to every thought and word we say to ourselves.

Stories bring out feelings in us or validate why we may feeling something in the moment. They are created by past and future horizontal thinking that have us believing a perceived reality that may not be rooted in the truth or for that matter, reality.

It is only true to us because of the belief we have freely and unconsciously given to it.

Learning to be skeptical, even our own thoughts and feelings, is to learn to be self aware. To notice what feelings and stories may not be serving us or others. It is having the curiosity to question what we believe to be true and even deeper, is it serving us and those around us.

In the generous now, every version of who we are exists. It is where can uncover and become the awareness of our greatness of being, that the fear, doubt and scarcity thinking of our ego, which does not want us to discover.

Happiness is more than a state of mind, it is a state being; joy. It is accessed through awareness and by receiving the gift from God (Source, The Universe, Spirit) that is acceptance. Given by an unconditional Love yearning to express itself through us and in us.

Acceptance is at the root of gratitude, forgiveness and compassion. It requires us to tap into our spiritual selves, that is always present in the moment called ‘the now’.

Our spirituality will never be greater than our ability to be vulnerable and willing to uncover the layers of untruths, that have been programmed in us from a young age.

Then, after these untruths have been repeated many times over in our lives, we settle for our ego’s version of us, that plays life small, safe, secure and becomes familiar with the belief that is who we

must be….

….but we are much, much greater than that.

Everyone of us is capable of greatness because we all have been created by a creator who is unconditional Love and has planted a spark of that Love in each one of us.

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