Kurt Bruckmann

As an accomplished Athlete, Player then as a Coach for over 25+ years Kurt has always had an innate drive to lead by example and experience. I do so while helping Athletes in developing their understanding of performance through their combined physical,mental and energy makeup in becoming the most complete athlete he or she desires. Transition is part of all sports having outcome on all players. By assisting the Athlete in “Trusting the Process “ through the empowerment of self understanding of our inner energy flow aligning with the mind and body we create the opportunity in becoming 100% the complete Athlete desired. “Our Mind,Body and Energy is Our Power” not just in the Athletic Culture but in Life itself. Sports provides a gateway in our being best prepared for “Life’s Continuum of Experiences”. It starts with the Athlete of all ages in “Creating the Best Version of You” in the moment and future.

“In a world of negativity, its those with inspiration that know why they exist”