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How Comparing Yourself Can Mess Up Your Hockey Game

When you are busy checking out how others are playing

“Focus on your own journey. The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.” – Sidney Crosby

In the super competitive world of hockey, it is easy to look around and see how everyone else is doing.
Sometimes you might think you have to be as good as the next player. While it is okay to want to improve, constantly comparing yourself to others can mess up your game. This article talks about how comparing yourself too much can be bad for you as a hockey player. I will also share some cool tips on how to focus on getting better at your own pace. Remember, the ice rink is your stage, not a place to judge yourself against others. Your unique journey in hockey is about mastering your skills, not mirroring someone else’s.

Getting Sidetracked from Your Own Goals

When you are busy checking out how others are playing, you might forget about your own goals. It is like running a race but instead of looking ahead, you keep looking sideways to check out the other runners. This can mess up your motivation and confidence because you are too busy worrying about everyone else. Remember, hockey is your game, and the real win is improving your own skills, not just trying to beat someone else’s score or stats. Stick to your game plan, train hard, and keep your eyes on your own goals. Every practice, every drill, every game is a step towards becoming the best version of yourself on the ice.

Feeling Too Much Pressure

Constantly comparing yourself to others can make you feel like you must be perfect all the time. It is like carrying a heavy backpack of worry, and that is not fun. This pressure can make you extremely nervous, both on and off the ice. When you are too stressed, you might not make the best choices in a game. It is like trying to skate smoothly on bumpy ice. So, chill out! Focus on playing your best, not on being better than someone else. Remember, hockey is about having fun and enjoying the game with your teammates. When you let go of the pressure to be perfect, you play more freely, and that is when you may find yourself in the ‘zone’ and the magic happens!

Not Getting Better at Your Own Game

Hockey is about getting better at your skills. But if you are always looking at others, you might miss the chance to try new moves or improve your own game. It is like playing a video game and only copying what others do instead of finding your own cool way to win. Be brave! Try new things, take some risks, make some errors, and learn from them. That is how you get to be a better player. And remember, every great hockey player started somewhere. They did not become great by copying others but by finding their own style, working hard, and never giving up, even when things got tough.

Growing Your Game Mindset

Think of your mind like a muscle that gets stronger when you train it right. Focus on getting more effective, not just on being the best right now. Set your own goals, like getting quicker or having better aim. When things get tough, see it as a chance to learn, not a failure. Celebrate your wins, even the small ones, because they show you are on the right track. This journey is yours, and every time you lace up your skates, you have a new opportunity to gain experience, to grow stronger, both physically and mentally. Embrace it and watch how far you will go!

So, remember, constantly comparing yourself to others in hockey can throw you off your game. Keep your eyes on your own goals. Work hard, be patient, and enjoy your own journey in hockey. Each time you play, aim to be a little better than you were yesterday. That is how you really win at hockey, and its way more fun that way! Trust in your own path, celebrate your progress, and always remember why you fell in love with the game. Hockey is not just about scoring goals or making big saves; it is about building character, forming friendships, and creating unforgettable moments on the ice. Keep your passion alive, and let it drive you to be the amazing player you are meant to be!

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