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Power vs Force Coaching

Competitive Advantage: Experiencing Genius in Hockey

"Experiencing Genius" means being aware of, accepting, and using your natural skills and abilities.

“True genius in hockey is not about being the best, but about bringing out the best, turning everychallenge into an art, every game into a masterpiece.”

Hockey is a fast-paced, strategic, and skilled game that gives players a great chance to show off their
unique skills. Goaltenders are in a unique situation among these athletes. They can single-handedly
change the outcome of a game, making spectacular saves that leave spectators in awe. But what
differentiates a good goaltender from a great one? It is their ability to tap into and experience their

What does “Experiencing Genius” mean?

In the field of performance dynamics, “experiencing genius” means being aware of, accepting, and using
your natural skills and abilities. Everybody has their own unique skills, and knowing and using these
strengths gives you a clear edge over other people.

How Smart a Keeper Is

What makes each goalie unique is a diverse set of skills. Some people may have lightning-fast reactions,
while others may be able to read the game and guess what will happen several moves ahead of time.
Still, for some, their strength might be in being able to keep their cool under a lot of stress.

For a goaltender, experiencing genius could be:

Instinct: Trusting their gut feeling when deciding whether to challenge a shooter or stay back.
Visualization: Imagining a good save before the puck is even shot, which helps them get in the best
Mental toughness means getting over a lost goal quickly and not letting it affect your next save.

How a COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist Does Their Job

As an expert in performance dynamics, it is my job to help players, especially goaltenders, find and use
their genius. Through specialized assessments, training, and feedback, we:

Find Your Strengths: Figuring out what the goalie is effective at. Their technical skills, ability to read
games, or psychological strengths could be what makes them good.
Customize Training: means planning training sessions that build on these skills. If a goalie’s secret skill is keeping their mind calm, I might add mindfulness or visualization routines to their routine.
Promote a Win or Learn attitude: Promoting an attitude that helps the goalie keep using their genius,
especially when the game is on line and they are under a lot of pressure.

The Competitive Edge

Not only does a goalie improve their own performance when they fully accept their genius, but they also
boost the confidence of the whole team. Knowing that the net is guarded by someone who is operating
at their peak potential gives their players the freedom to take more risks and play more aggressively.
Focusing on one’s own strengths can also help goaltenders find their own niche, which makes them
particularly useful to their teams. Making the most of your genius can be the most important thing you
can do in a sport where split-second choices can mean the difference between winning and losing.


Like in life, the key to unmatched success in hockey is to tap into your genius. Goaltenders can go from
being just shot-stoppers to legends of the game by finding, embracing, and using their unique skills. As
performance expert, it is an honour for me to help these athletes reach legendary levels of performance.

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