Power vs Force Coaching

Power vs Force Coaching

At Times Such as This

We were created with an amazing superpower...

God is Love. We were created with an amazing superpower, that of being able to make
conscious choices. However, we were never truly taught what this means. It is when we can
tap into our logic, feelings, and intuition all at the same time – holographic thinking. In other
words, this is what the process would sound like in our thoughts-what is the logical thing to
do here, how do I feel about that, and what is my gut telling me (or that small whispering
voice inside of us). When we show up in stand in our truth, in our power, in the moment, we
may make others uncomfortable, afraid or even angry. We are sovereign spiritual energetic
beings have a human experience of cause and effect. Every decision we make causes
ripple effects into our future moments. When are being asked to compromise our free will by
coercion or fear, that is not love or true power but rather a forceful attempt to get us to
comply to an agenda that may not resonate with our souls. Darkness cannot overcome light
because our creator is Love, Light and the Truth. Love is patient, kind and unifies not
divides. Perhaps, Love is what we all need to express to one another more often… at times
such as this.

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