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5 Effective Things to Do When Recovering from an Injury

What makes the greats stand out is how they deal with getting better

Hey, you teenage hockey stars! So, you have been hurt and cannot do anything. It may be upsetting, but
keep in mind that even the best players get hurt sometimes. What makes the greats stand out is how they deal with getting better. These five things will help you get back on your feet faster and stronger
than ever:

  1. Pay attention to your body (and your medical professional).
    You and your body: It could be telling you to take it easy or that something does not feel right. Always pay attention. When you push yourself too hard, you might hurt yourself more than help.
    Your Medical Professional: They have the knowledge to know what will help you get better. Listen to
    what they say, show up for your follow-up visits, and tell them the truth about how you feel.

  2. Stay Active (within reason)
    To stay fit, even if you cannot play hockey right now, there are other exercises or things you can do. For example, if you hurt your leg, you should focus on working out your upper body. Talk to a doctor or physiotherapist to make sure you are not making your pain worse. Always remember that being busy is good for more than just your body. It is also good for your mind!

  3. Food is essential.
    Now is the time to give your body what it needs. Foods rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals can help speed up recovery. Think lean meats, fish, nuts, dairy, and lots of colorful veggies. Staying hydrated is equally vital. Water helps heal, so drink up!

  4. Strong Mental Mindset
    Getting hurt can mess up your mind. It is normal to feel down but remember that an upbeat attitude
    can help you get better. Techniques like visualization, in which you picture yourself playing great on the ice, can help you stay focused in the game. You might also consider talking to a mental performance specialist or a coach who understands what you are going through.

  5. Learn and Change
    You can learn a lot about the game when you are not on the ice. Look at games, break down plays, and plan your moves. You can use this time to learn how to be a better player. Also, think about going over your workout habits again. There might be a smarter way to train that will keep people from getting hurt again.

In the big picture, getting hurt is just one more thing that lies ahead on your hockey path. You will be
back on the ice before you know it if you work hard, are patient, and take the right steps. Do not forget
that every setback will lead to a comeback!

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