Unlocking Your Hockey Potential

Unlocking Your Hockey Potential
The outline of what is included in this course as follows:

  1. Introduction to Unlocking Your Hockey Potential
  2. Performance Equation
  3. The “ZONE”
  4. Energy vs Emotions – The Zone – Power vs Force
  5. Time Out
  6. A visualization/meditation
  7. The Seven Levels of Energy
  8. Time Out – Reflection
  9. Intermission
  10. Putting it All Together
  11. Conclusion Summary
  12. Final Thoughts

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What is the one thing that can makes all the difference in Hockey? Many believe it is your mental toughness as a hockey player. Other believe it’s your 10, 000 hrs you put into developing your skills. Although, these can be helpful at times, to be an effective game changer, who is consistent and resilient requires more than just that.

Perhaps, the one thing that makes all the difference is – ENERGY!
Energy is what allows a hockey player to be aware, Intuitive, creative, fully engaged and bounce back from adversity effortlessly.

The energy a player shows up at his game, is often the result of his mental and physical preparation – his ‘success formula’. Rituals and routines are a big part of it. They affect their ability to access the present moment where the “zone’ exists. Accessing hockey your hockey potential has more to do with you need to be, not just what you have to do. ‘Accessing Your Hockey Potential’ will demonstrate how your believes about yourself and your game, have an impact on your peak performance energy needed to play in the ’Zone’. Learn to increase the consistency of your joy and love for the game of hockey, as you learn to unlock your hockey potential.

Are you seeking the one thing that can help you unlock your hockey potential? Then his program is for you. You will have Peak Performance, explained to you in a way that will simplify your game.

I believe in the mind/energy connection so much that I am offering the course not for $249 but for only $39 (US). For change to happen, we need awareness and understanding. Being aware of the energy we show up in, what thoughts may be causing that energy, and then learning how to shift will have a great influence on your game. So, buy now and start the journey to becoming a hockey player who can unlock his potential game in, game out.

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